Why Your Phone has Slowed Down and what can you do to Fix it?

Why Your Phone has Slowed Down and what can you do to Fix it?

It is natural for something that was once new to lose its charm with time. This holds true especially when you buy materialistic things. Like a wristwatch or an LED television will start losing out on its battery performance and will stop working eventually. Similarly, when we buy a smartphone it works at a lightning speed and accessing everything is so much easier in comparison to one year down the lane. Well, in case of a television you can’t really do anything but there are many things that you can do prevent your phone from losing its speed and have a longer life as a result.

Before we jump on to how we can prevent it, let’s dig a little deeper into how and when the slowing of your phone starts. The first reason is the Apps that run in the background or it can be a lack of internal storage but that is not the case with Android phones these days. Below are a few reasons in detail along with an explanation on how you can fix the slow speed of your not-so-old phone.

Operating System Updates: The operating system of your phone will not be the same as it was a year ago). And so even though you receive an update to your operating system, the performance will not be the same in comparison to the phones that are coming with the new OS embedded in it. Instead of optimizing your phone this might slow it down as it isn’t suitable for the device. One other reason could because your manufacturer might have added additional bloatware apps in an update, ultimately resulting in slowing things down. There is a chance that you might not have received a single operating system update but the problem, in this case, is this that the Apps you download are made for the newer version. This can create problems for people who are heavily into games and need the OS to be optimized.

This holds true for every website or the computer’s OS version you use. Games become more demanding, the website becomes heavier and the desktop applications start wanting more RAM.

How you can fix it: The best fix to this problem would be installing a custom ROM which doesn’t have the bloatware and slow manufacturer skins which are included in many devices.

Background Processes: With the boom in Apps Industry, we, the user have become entirely dependent on these applications. And so our phones are generally filled with many Apps serving different purposes. Since we use Apps on a regular basis, what happens is that some Apps open at startup and will keep running in the background until you kill it. As a result of apps running in the background, they end up consuming CPU resources and filling up the phone’s RAM, ultimately slowing down its performance.

How you can fix it: Disable or uninstall all the Apps that you don’t use because what happens is we forget to delete the apps that we are not using anymore. So always keep a check on your Apps collection.

Full Storage: When you start filling up your phone with new files, it starts acting slow. If you go to the storage screen of your settings menu, you will find the exact classification of what is using the space. And if you don’t pay attention to the cache files, they start consuming quite a bit of storage space.

How you can fix it: The first thing would be to always create a backup of all your data so that you are never out of storage space. But even so, what you keep doing on a regular basis is to clearing up the cache memory, uninstalling apps that you don’t use anymore or perform a factory reset and keep only the apps you want to.

Now that you know how and what makes your phone slow down, you know how you can prevent all of this. But a smart and good decision would be to go for a phone which has a decent RAM, a good processor and a large storage capacity so that you don’t have to switch your phones after every year. There are a few affordable and easy on pocket phone brands that you can check out, like Panasonic India (Panasonic Eluga Ray 700), Motorolaand Lenovo India. So think a step ahead and opt for good phones so that you don’t have to face these problems even after two years.

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